"Where there's a will, there's a way"

Colors were always my passion. Since I was young, I always loved combining colors and fabrics, mixing and matching to see what I’d come up with furniture as well was my joy especially the decorative part of it like cushions, throws, ottomans and tables.

So as I grew I translated this fiery passion into my work designing my own ottomans, cushions and throws through the technique of fusing two cultures-- the east and the west.

Maze, meaning table in the Kuwaiti dialect, was established by Bibi Abdullah AlGhanim a little more than 5 years ago, after the designer decided she needed to channel her creativity and passion into something she knew well: furniture.

My vintage pieces are chosen and created carefully starting from the fabric, the handcraft, the embroidery, the tassels and even to the legs of the ottomans. the pieces are individual, authentic, and exquisite handmade creations.

The concept behind my work is the reversible, double-sided technique so as to have a nice variety of two designs in one item. I have created several collections, each one based on a different theme with its own textures, materials, colors, and fabrics to induce variety into my work.

And so there became a way...

For me to start maze six years ago because of my strong will and love for creativity and success.

Bibi Abdullah Alghanim

Founder of Maze Creative Concepts Kuwait